Tui Na Massage

The principle of the Tui na massage rests on the traditional Chinese medicine. Its purpose is healing illnesses and faster recovery. It is also a preventive measure.

This massage relaxes ligaments and muscles, improves energy flow along meridians and consequently clears energetic blockages, eases pain and improves lymphatic circulation.

Tui Na is a non-aggressive and gentle method. Its beneficial effect lasts long after the therapy, which makes it a perfect choice for children and elderly alike.

Tui Na Massage is suitable for anyone, who has specific problems with one’s locomotory system (skeleton, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons) as well as chronic and acute problems with their digestive, reproductive and breathing system. It improves blood circulation and wellbeing, reduces pain and positively influences one’s psychophysical balance.

It is often used for chronical pain relief and eliminating chronical states such as headache, migraine, stress, insomnia, fatigue, menstrual problems, gynaecological problems, backache, muscle cramps and trembling, high and low blood pressure.

Besides its healing purposes the Tui Na Massage can be used as a preventive measure and for relaxation (it has a soothing effect).

The Tui Na Massage is also recommended for recreational or professional athletes as a form of relaxation and method for improving their results. It enables faster regeneration of body, effectively eliminates micro injuries gained during sporting activities.

Massage stands for being prepared.