Shamanism + IFA with Orisa

Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of alternative approaches that deeply connects us to Mother Earth and the natural rhythms. It is about synchronisation with the nature to improve the quality of one’s life. It teaches us that everything that exists is alive and has its own spirit. Shamanism is a practical journey to one’s inner self to parts of one’s consciousness that one did not have access to before.
The origin of the word Shaman is in Siberian and means a wise man, the one who sees, a healer that heals body, soul and circumstances with his or her mind and the energies of nature and always acts to the benefit of the community. A shaman’s role in community is to maintain harmony and balance between humanity and the forces of nature.
Shamanistic techniques and knowledge are used not only for healing of illnesses, fatigue, disorders and dysfunctions of the body, but also and foremost for our everyday life, work, interpersonal relationships, money, career and education.  With their help we are able to eliminate fears, stress, traumas, disturbing karmic and mental patterns, negative feelings and several other destructive energies (spells, black magic, exorcism etc.).



IFA is one of shamanic systems and is the most effective system for recognition of a person, their qualities, their nature and their essence. It is suitable for individuals that wish to gain from this life as much as possible.
IFA is the secret of life and life is a never ending source of knowledge. This is a philosophy that can make us stronger. Its power and effectiveness exceeds all other existing philosophies.
We aim to trigger inner changes within a person, to heal their mind, restore their power, way of thinking that both result in healing of their body.
Through manipulation of ikin or opele of the Ifa divination system we are able to answer many questions about life.
 With the help of Ifa we are able to solve all problems. The individual, however, needs to cooperate, he or she needs to be willing to make mental changes and abandon their old limiting beliefs.



Every Orisa is a force of nature that is responsible and in charge for solving specific problems of human beings. Different Orisa represent different Energies, different qualities and values.
Human problems have been the same for thousands of years: health, love, school, career, lack of orientation and courage, lack of motivation, losing oneself in time and space, lack of inner peace etc.
An Orisa prepares us for life. It gives us direction in life and teaches us how to live healthy, happy, satisfied and in harmony with ourselves and others.