Hot Stone Massage

As the name suggests, it is a massage with hot stones.

Eyes closed you will lie down in a warm place filled with soft music to calm you down. You can feel how the tension gently slips away and your body is filled with pleasant sensations.

The warmth of hot volcanic stones from the very heart of the Earth penetrates through skin and muscles leaving them soft and elastic. By boosting the lymphatic flow it stimulates the power of self-healing, a natural weapon of our organism and our greatest gift from the nature.

The mutual result of a massage in combination with hot stones is physical and psychological balance, spiritual purity and freshness as well as wellbeing.

The hot volcanic stone massage deeply softens muscular fibres, eliminates nodes, increases blood circulation, toxin and lactic acid extraction and reduces muscle tension resulting in faster regeneration process of tissue as well as full body and mind relaxation.​