Feet Reflexology

Our feet are the mirror of our health. They are a small map of our entire body. The reflex points for all our organs, glands and body parts are positioned on our feet exactly the same way as they are within and on our body.

Feet Reflexology is a therapeutic method that uses pressure on a certain reflex zone to relieve the energetic flow within our body. Our feet have points or zones that are connected to certain organs or parts of our body.

Waste products such as uric acid and calcium crystals can accumulate in our feet. They can be felt, if touched or pressed. When we massage these zones, we ease pain, increase circulation and improve our wellbeing.

Feet Reflexology helps eliminate stress and results in deep relaxation. By clearing blockages of our energetic ways it increases energy and blood flow through our entire body. It strengthens our immune system and is recommended for reducing high blood pressure. It helps against migraines, insomnia, asthma, backache, constipation. It also boosts wound healing processes.