Due to everyday stress, improper eating habits, lack of recreation we often forget about our body.

This often results in dissatisfaction, gaining excessive fat and cellulite.

With the method called cavitation, with the help of ultrasound and vibrations we break fat cells and with the help of the radio frequency we increase circulation, activate metabolism, stimulate collagen production within the tissue and tone your skin as well as reduce cellulite. This method enables us accurate fat elimination especially locally, for example on the belly, butt, thighs, hips, knees and upper arms.

With the help of cavitation we can concentrate energy on an exact depth of the tissue, break fat cells that are then removed from the body through lymphatic and blood system. Cavitation is a safe and painless body shaping method.

It results in 1-4 cm reduction of waistline right after first treatment.

For optimum results we recommend 4 to 8 visits.